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Andy's vehicles

Below: Andy's Clark A1 Dozer -History: The Clark Airborne dozer was manufactured in World War II for transport by glider or parachuted in to build and repair air-plane runways in remote areas or behind enemy lines. They are very compact with the tracks being only three feet apart. The engine is a 4 cylinder water cooled Waukesha Model. After the war the few dozer's that survived and were still around were then in most cases sold as military surplus and usually painted a non-military colour.
The Clark air CA-1 was used in both the European and Pacific Theaters. An example of the use of these tractors was following the airborne landing of Allied Forces behind Japanese lines in Northern Burma. On the night of March 5, 1944, more than 30 gliders carrying men, pack animals, lighting equipment and tractors of this type landed at a jungle clearing designated as 'Broadway.' In 24 hours, airborne engineers had prepared a landing strip ready for use by more gliders and troop Carrier Command C-47's landing more men, animals and supplies.

Below : Andy's 1943 Morris C8 Predictor -AT - Now with Brian & Barry Lloyd

Below : Andy's M679 Jeep 1 of only 4 remaining - pretty bad condition despite not looking that bad - Andy has the rebuild under way - the Jeep has only done 6000 miles, the chassis was good but the body pretty bad....

Below : This is Andy driving the jeep as you can see the body has collapsed  The wheel arch Andy is sat on is resting on the tyre, makes for an interesting ride!!!

Below : You can just see the makings, under the green paint is a white square with a red cross

Below : Shows the Jeep stripped back to the chassis which was in excellent condition

Below : Shows the Jeep super structure is rebuilt