About Us

We are a small group who live in and around Kent, in the South East of England, we have approximately 12 vehicles between us, some of us are sole owners some are owned as a group. The collection are generally all in current use, some are project vehicles which are ongoing in their restoration. We try to stick to the original parts as much as possible, but sometimes availability and practicality are a governing factor.
Our goal is to continue keeping what we have going and to increase the number of vehicles we have, which sometimes means we have to sell one to get another but we know that this is one extra vehicle that has had its life extended. Its important to remember that our vehicles are mainly from World War 2, to us its important to preserve the vehicles from this period to help us remember all those who make the ultimate sacrifice and maintain the freedom we enjoy today..

Milikent history
We formed as friends for the 60th anniversary of Normandy and make efforts to go to as many events as we possible can taking our vehicles when we can. We also arrange trips to museums and memorials of interest to the group.
Previous tours have included Normandy for 60th and 65th anniversaries, Monte Casino, Ardennes, annual trips to the War and Peace show